What Beers To Pair With Mexican Food

The delicious, vibrant Mexican food accompanied by lively music and colorful decor, begs for fun tequila drinks and cocktails. A lot of beers, as well as tequila drinks and cocktails, pair well with Mexican food. A good beer can bring out the best in any Mexican dish – if you know which kind to choose. From hearty stouts to amber ales, if you want to enjoy the Mexican food to the fullest, you need to arrange a perfect match. Chicken wings and thighs are always the main course for cooking a bbq catering Sydney.

Crisp and Fatty food

Rich and fatty dishes such as fajitas, carnitas, or tacos al pastor can be enhanced with caramelized or toasty malt flavor beers. American brown ales, amber or dark lagers will find a connection with such crispy dishes and bring out its earthy, rich flavor delicately.

Spicy food

Extra spicy dishes work best with paler beers like helles, witbier, and less-hoppy American blonde ales to help bring out the taste without overpowering its spiciness, and offer a fresh respite from the heat. When it comes to spicy dishes, it is best to avoid beers that are excessively bitter, have a high content of alcohol and carbonation – as this will intensify the spiciness and off-balance the dish. You can also try Bock or Irish red ale that won’t intensify the dish’s heat with its mild, caramelized malt quality. It will also balance the sweetness of cooked tomato in dishes such as chorizo.

Hearty dishes

If you’ve got a rich braised red meat dish with a mild level of spiciness, you can choose a beer that is bitter, and have high alcohol and carbonation content – as these qualities will help you to cut through the richness and bring out the dense flavor of the dish. You can also try a Belgian Buggle or a smoky beer to emphasize the savoriness of slow-cooked meat in a satisfying, self-indulgent way. It’s caramel and pepper-like flavor will bring the flavors of the meat.

Creamy dishes

Dishes such as enchiladas or burritos that are heavy on the sour cream and cheese pair best with beers with a bit of bitterness to help cut through the richness. American pale ales and IPAs will blend beautifully with such dishes as its bright, citrusy hops will bring out the freshness of citrus, onion, and rich tomatoes. Not to forget, that in addition to beers, Mexican food interacts beautifully with tequila drinks and cocktails. If you are confused as what to order, ask your server at tequila restaurant in Glendale to help you make the right choice. Find the best order for Mexican food.