Tips for organizing the best engagement party ever

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You and your significant other just got engaged and the stress is starting to accumulate regarding how to let every friend and family member of yours know about the big decision? The best way to make it as easy as possible is throwing an engagement party and giving everyone a cute invitation that won’t require any additional explanation. There are some things you might want to take care of before announcing the big event.

When and where? Hosting represents the top priority. Choosing a place that offers exactly the decoration style and facilities you need is essential for feeling good at the party. Inform yourself if party cups, party plates and any other items needed for luxurious eating are included. If not, look online for them and consider taking your party to the comfort of your home or garden when the weather allows it. This way you will save a lot of money and you will get that personal, intimate feeling you are striving for. Both options are viable but you need to decide in time.

Guest list. Know your people from the very beginning. Before selecting the location you have to be precise with numbering. Family and friends of each one of you should be taken into consideration. Ask for confirmation at least a week prior the event so you can know for sure how the placement will be made. Avoid mistakes like inviting people that you didn’t include on the wedding guest list at the engagement party. Carefully pick who is supposed to come at both events and wait for their response before making the table arrangements.

Menus. Choosing the menu can be a difficult task. You can’t know for sure that every participant will enjoy the meals you are choosing unless you ask everyone in private what their preference is, which is quite impossible. Try looking for a menu that suits each kind of food and this way you will be able to cover all the possible needs of every participant. No one should be left with an empty stomach. If your budget allows you, stay away from pre-decided menus and instead let every participant order what they like. Make sure the party plates you chose fit with the food you’ll be serving.

Schedule. Create a fixed schedule for your engagement party and this way you will avoid wasting time. Pick activities that all your guests would enjoy and make sure everyone is feeling good and not left out. Timing is essential and if you are avoiding planning ahead, you will end up stressing about what to do next and the meals will be the focal point of your party (which you don’t want).

Having fun and making great memories is all it matters when hosting such an event. Everyone will remember the day you two decided to bond your lives together and you want them to remember it as pleasant. Put your heart and soul into it and it will end up better than you expected.

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