Planning Tips for a Wedding Reception

Planning wedding receptions Tom River New Jersey can take as much time as planning the wedding.  To help you planning take less time, here are some tips to help you. Wedding reception venues Melbourne in the city are commonly held in hotels.

  • Budget—this is the first thing that should be done before anything else so you will know just how much you have to spend. You do not want to spend a lot on the reception and then find out you are over budget or have little money for anything else.
  • Venue—this is the next thing that should be decided for the wedding and wedding reception Tom Rivers New Jersey because it will be the basis for all your plans. This is where you will plan the theme of your reception.
  • Time and date—once you know where the reception is to be held then you can set the date and time. It is easier to adjust the date and time if it is not available at the venue you choose than it is to have to pick a venue based on date and time.
  • Guests—not only do you need to decide how many guests but also the seating arrangements if you are having a sit down dinner wedding reception. Some will even figure out the guest list at the same time they do their budget before selecting a venue so they will know just how large a venue they will need.
  • Drinks and food—what food you have will depend on whether it is a sit down dinner, buffet, snacks, etc. It also depends on the season, and the type of venue.  Included are the wedding cake, which you have to decide whether you want all white, chocolate, or some other flavor, how many layers, and topper.  If you are having a bar will be an open bar or full bar or bring your own.  You will also need to decide on non-alcoholic drinks for those that do not drink and any children there.
  • Decorations—this includes the flowers the bride carries, bridesmaids, flower for the groomsmen and groom, centerpieces, and other decorations. This can include the ring pillow, flower basket, table clothes, wedding and wedding reception decorations, and more.
  • Music—you will need to decide the music for the wedding ceremony, and first dance. You need to decide to have a band or DJ providing the music for dancing at the reception.  The DJ should play a variety of music.
  • Photograph—you want to preserve the memory of the day so make sure that you hire a professional photographer. You can also use disposable cameras set up at the reception tables for the guests to get candid shots.

Organising for a smooth means of moving from the home to the venue is another important aspect. Some hotels provide transportation means and you can contact them to confirm. Having the transportation combined with the charges on the venue saves time in the planning process. Identify the number of people that require the services and show it in the planning process. Having weddings in ocean county Australia or wedding venues toms river means you have to move from one place to another. You can also organise to have external services from a different company.