How To Design A Small Restaurant Dining Room

Some people do prefer to dine in a smaller dining room to a larger one (this makes me think of a fast food restaurant), therefore, you should try to maximize how you use your space by fitting in as many people as you can handle without sacrificing customer service, comfort or ambiance. What ugg boots to buy online, I may recommend the boots that fit in any restaurant.

Dining rooms that are very small, while offering instant coziness, somewhat can be a puzzle when it comes to installing and fitting in all the necessary pieces. Always remember that the dining room, no matter type of concept it is going to use, is the core/heart of your restaurant. A general restaurant design of a dining room includes storage, wait stations, and seating.

In the case where the space is very small, you may be tempted to fit in more seats in your dining room than is comfortable. This usually results in port service, thus making it hard for the staff to move between the tables and harder for the patrons to enjoy the meals without being disturbed by the servers.

The thumb rule when you are setting up tables in a restaurant is that each and every table should have a spacing of at least 25 to 30 inches. You might want to consider having restaurants booths. They are a pace saving option in the restaurant’s dining room. As in dining room chairs and tables, restaurant boots also come in a variety of color, sizes and shapes. You can customize the restaurant booths to fit your design theme.

Flexibility is very key when it comes to small dining rooms. The ability to allow tables to be broken apart for smaller parties and moved together to form bigger tables for larger parties are much more accommodating. It does not matter what is your table set u, just make sure that there is a clear path for staff and customers to get in or go out.

Strive to keep any hostess or prep stations out of the dining room. This will not only take up a lot of space but it will also make the dining room look cluttered. Having a cluttered dining room is not a good view for your customers.

Having good restaurant reservations can also greatly help you turn the tables more efficiently. A majority of fine dining restaurants only set the tables at certain times. E.g The restaurant might have a four o’clock sitting, five o’clock seating, and nine o’clock seating. This way the restaurant can be able to control the number of meals that the kitchen is producing at any given time.

Before you buy any furniture for your restaurant, it’s advisable that you draw up a floor plan (to scale) of the dining room. Then try having different configurations of chairs and tables. Doing this will give you a greater idea of how many chairs you will be able to fit in comfortably, and still have enough room for the staff to maneuver between the tables. Check out the best decoration for your restaurant.

In conclusion, your budget will also play a major role in what you choose for the restaurant seating. The good thing about having a small dining room is that you will not have to buy a lot of tables and chairs you won’t need to buy a lot of tables and chairs, which could consume a huge amount of your startup budget.